Don't Underestimate the Power of the Brain Dump


The modern world seems to be moving at an ever-faster pace. As things pick up, many of us find our brains overloaded with more information than we know what to do with. Enter the brain dump. For some people, brain dumping is a lifesaver. They would tell you to never underestimate the power of this seemingly simple practice.


Before we go any further, it is important to note that brain dumping can be defined in two ways. In the IT world, brain dumping is the practice of electronically capturing or memorizing the material contained in an IT certification exam and then using it to create replica exams.


Outside of IT certification exams, brain dumping is simply the practice of emptying the brain by dumping all your thoughts into some sort of electronic or paper medium.


Write It All Down


A good way to visualize the brain dump is to take a look at our high-performance planner. We actually include a section for brain dumping. You declutter your brain by writing down all your thoughts in this particular area of the planner.


It doesn't matter what those thoughts are. They could be major, life-altering thoughts you believe will someday make the world a better place. They could also be thoughts as minor as remembering how good last night's dinner was. The point is not to measure the importance of your thoughts, it is to simply write them all down so that you can dismiss them from your brain.


The Key Is Letting Go


The key to successful brain dumping is letting go of your thoughts once you have them written down or entered into an electronic journal. In other words, you need to commit to no longer entertaining them once they have been dumped. Write them down and then dismiss them from your mind. Stop thinking about them.


For many people, this is the hardest part of the brain dump. And unfortunately, a high-performance planner or daily journal cannot do that for you. All it can do is provide you dumping space. You ultimately have to do the dump and then dismiss the thoughts from your mind.


What Brain Dumping Can Do for You


With all the technical stuff out of the way, let us talk about what brain dumping can do for you. Below are a few things commonly reported among brain dumpers. Every person is different, so your experience might not be exactly the same.


1. Reduced Distractions


Brain dumping ostensibly reduces distractions by giving you permission to stop thinking about things that do not matter. Once the distractions are dumped, you can focus your thoughts on more important things.


2. Improved Focus


It stands to reason that reducing distractions should improve focus. Plenty of brain dumpers report that this is the case.


3. Less Stress and Anxiety


Some brain dumpers report less stress and anxiety as a result of having fewer things to think about. Brain dumping gives them permission to dismiss thoughts that tend to make them anxious.


4. A Clearer Mind


Brain dumpers who dump first thing in the morning or just before going to bed often report having a clearer mind. Mental clarity leads to better organization throughout the day and a greater level of productivity.


If you have never tried brain dumping before, do not underestimate its power to clear your head and help you stay more organized. We encourage you to give it a try. Remember that our high-performance planner makes brain dumping easier by giving you dedicated space to write down all your thoughts, no matter what they are.