Our Story

The Next Level Daily Planner is a tool to make the path to greatness easier.  Making and maintaining positive changes in life can be daunting at the start, but it becomes attainable when broken down into small, actionable day-to-day improvements. Mountains are summited one step at a time.

We realize that everyone’s path to success and fulfillment is different, though they all seem to contain commonalities. It was with these principles in mind that the Next Level Daily Planner was designed:

  • Have a vision and set your compass.
  • Align yourself with mentors and like-minded people.
  • Work towards your goals consistently.
  • Track your progress and reward yourself for your gains.
  • Take care of yourself and others on your journey.

A need was felt to have a physical notebook to keep at one’s side - to keep thoughts, track progress, remind us to keep going and see how far we’ve come. In this digital age, a physical planner is something to get dirty with us on our journey - to get marked up and to bear the scars of use. It is a place to put our thoughts so our minds may be clear. As such, the Next Level Daily Planner was born.

The planner was designed by two busy physicians, Dr. Annie Purcell and Dr. Joseph Purcell, who were always in search of one planner which met all of their needs...After never finding what they were looking for, they decided to make their own as a hobby and a passion project. Aside from continuing to use their perfect planners each day, they have been so grateful for the enthusiasm and thanks from their growing group of loyal customers. Seeing a product that they designed improve the lives of others day after day has been just as rewarding as helping patients in their medical practice.