Meet the Creator

Dr. Annie Purcell is the co-founder and CEO of Next Level Daily. After completing undergrad, medical school, residency, then working as a private practice physician for over 10 years, she started to look for other avenues to grow in her career.

Out of the sheer desire to have one perfect planner that contained everything she had been looking for and not able to find in one place, she helped create the Next Level Daily Planner in 2017. She wanted one planner to include space for not only crafting a life vision, long-term goals, and a personal mission statement, but also space for maintaining morning and evening routines, as well as habit tracking. Plus, she wanted to include space for financial goal tracking, and mindfulness and health practices.

After a lifetime of being a planner addict and To Do List-obsessed entrepreneur, she simply put the Next Level Daily Planner for sale on Amazon while continuing to run her medical practice and work in patient care. At the end of one year, she noticed that the planners were truly helping and inspiring people, and felt a strong sense of pride over the reviews from customers who had significantly improved their lives by using the planner.

As the administrative burden of being a health care provider in the current system continued to grow, she felt the joy of patient care being drained out of her by the system of endless red tape and paperwork that stood between her and her patients. She began to invest more of her time and energy into Next Level Daily in order to reach a wider audience.

Dr. Purcell continues to see patients clinically but on a smaller scale, and spends an increasing portion of her time on growing the Next Level Daily business, which has recently expanded to include digital courses and multiple new products in addition to the signature planner!