How a High-Performance Planner Can Help Reduce Stress

Sometimes you feel like your life is more hectic than you can bear. Those feelings are normal, and it is okay to have them. But they don't have to be your entire existence. You can simultaneously get control of things and reduce stress with a few sound strategies and a good support system. One of the easier-to-implement strategies is to start utilizing a high-performance planner.


There was a time when printed planners were hot commodities. Stationery stores, bookstores, and even corner pharmacies sold planners by the thousands. Then the computer age hit, and daily planners went by the wayside.


We think that this is a shame. The daily planner concept has worked for generations. We suspect that a lot of people feeling overwhelmed by hectic schedules and daily stress could find some relief by embracing the planner concept. Below are some suggestions about how a high-performance planner can reduce stress.


Facilitating Clarity of Thought


We begin with the idea of facilitating clarity of thought. Believe it or not, writing things down is one of the most effective ways to clear your mind of clutter. Writing things down gives your mind permission to release them.


When you plan your day, you no longer have the stress of trying to remember everything that needs to be done. A high-performance planner goes one step further by giving you space to write down your personal mission and vision statement. It may offer you space to track your spending, record your progress at changing undesirable habits, and more. It all points to clarity of thought.


Facilitating Better Organization


Adding to the stress of a hectic schedule is a lack of organization. By nature, a hectic life is a disorganized life. How can a high-performance daily planner help? By allowing you to see just how packed your schedule is. Daily planning is the organizational equivalent of creating a budget. It helps you see what you are doing so that you can better organize based on your abilities and resources.


Better organization reduces stress. An organizational plan reduces the stress you may feel over worries that you won't get everything done. It reduces the stress of not knowing what tomorrow's plans are.


Facilitating Self-Improvement


A high-performance planner should contain space for you to record short- and long-term goals. As you track your progress toward those goals, you can measure your own performance. You can also identify weak points that need improvement.


How does this reduce stress? By reducing the risk of you feeling like you're spinning your wheels. With a daily planner, you can actually see what you're accomplishing. You can measure how well you are performing. And as you strive to improve, you will be less stressed about not accomplishing.


Facilitating Work-Life Balance


Using a daily planner is as much about stepping away and relaxing as it is making the most of every minute. We all need a good work-life balance. We all need to put time into work and career, but then put time into family, friends, and self as well. A daily planner facilitates this sort of thing by allowing you to block out time – non-negotiable time – for you and your family.


Daily planning really is a combination of organization and goal setting. When you boil it down to its basic two elements, that's what you get. And when you are organized and pursuing your goals in a logical manner, you reduce your stress levels.


Your life may be hectic and disorganized, but it doesn't have to be. Start with daily planning and go from there. You can get your life under control.