How Mentors Can Help You Be the Best Version of Yourself

Among the many things that make our high-powered daily planner different is the section we designed to help you gain the most from the mentors in your life. We included this section because we know how valuable mentors are in helping us be the best version of ourselves. You can have that same experience.


It has been said that people are the average of those around them. In other words, your circle of friends likely includes individuals who are more driven than you as well as those who are less driven. You see yourself in the middle.


The whole idea of getting connected with mentors is to break the average cycle. You surround yourself by people whose example you aspire to. You learn from them; you emulate them. That is how you grow.


What a Mentor Does


Mentors exist in both the professional and personal arenas. You can have separate mentors for both sides of your life or combine the two and look for mentors capable of helping in every area. As for what mentors do, they lead, guide, and direct.


A mentor isn't as much a teacher as a coach. Even though a mentor is a leader, they actually lead from behind by gently pushing you forward. Mentors are also there to guide with helpful life experience, real-world wisdom, and practical advice. A mentor also provides:


  • Accountability – A mentor provides accountability by checking up on you and holding you to your own standards. Whether that means looking at your daily planner or just listening while you explain how you achieved a specific goal, accountability is an important part of growth.


  • A Sounding Board – Sometimes you just need a sounding board to bounce ideas off. Mentors do that. They patiently listen to everything you have to say. When necessary, they offer their opinions.


  • A Trusted Partnership – Strong mentor-mentee relationships are built on trust. Your mentors can and should be trusted partners in helping you become the best version of yourself.


  • Constructive Feedback – A good mentor is not afraid to offer constructive feedback. They want to see the mentee grow. The mentor wants to help the mentee become the best version of him or herself. Feedback is necessary to make that happen.


The best mentors in your life will be those who get to know you well enough to personally invest in you. Those are the types of people to hang around. They are the ones most likely to help you discover who you are meant to be.


Success Doesn't Come Easy


We hope this blog post doesn't give the impression that becoming the best version of yourself is easy. It is not. The truth is that success in any endeavor never comes easy. It also doesn't happen overnight. Anything worth achieving takes time, effort, and patience.


With that in mind, we also don't want you to think that using a daily planner will solve all your organizational problems. That's not the case. A daily planner is a lot like a mentor. It can help get you on the right track. It can even help you stay on track. But ultimately, your success will be a direct result of your willingness to put forth the effort to achieve your goals.


Mentors are a fantastic resource for people who want to be the best versions of themselves. We hope you have mentors in your life. Likewise, we hope you will mentor others as you learn and grow. Contribute to the mentors' proverbial circle of life and a lot of people will benefit from it.