So You're Not a Planner – It's Okay to Be You

Have you ever read those articles about what makes highly motivated people tick? Highly charged posts talking about things like having a vision and making a plan certainly have their place. Yet they can be intimidating to people who are not planners. If you are in that category of non-planners, it's okay. You don't have to try to be someone you are not.


So you are not a planner. That doesn't make you less of a person than someone else who charts out every minute of every single day. People are different. Some people do very well with ironclad plans. Others are better playing things by ear.


One thing we would say is this: if your lack of planning is making it difficult for you to stay focused and accomplish the things that are important to you, we may have a solution. That solution is a high-performance planner loaded with options.


Use It Any Way You Like


Don't let the phrase 'high-performance' rattle you. We chose that term as a descriptive way to help customers understand that our daily planner can help them achieve whatever level of performance they are looking for. That's all it means. It doesn't mean that using it will force you to become that highly motivated individual you read about online.


We purposely designed our planner so that different people can use it differently. For example, our product is a daily planner consisting of multiple sections. There are sections for organizing your priorities, conducting daily brain dumps, and more. Just use the sections that are valuable to you. Ignore what is not valuable.


The Minimalist Planner


Just as an illustration, there are some people who are minimalist planners. The minimalist planner doesn't need to write down a ton of details. He doesn't have to write down short- and long-term goals. He defines maximum production as jotting down daily tasks and checking them off as completed.


Maybe that's you. Perhaps you like to keep things as simple as possible. Great! Use your daily planner as a space to write down what you need to know for each day of the week. Then check things off as you go.


The Detailed Planner


The other side of the coin is the detailed planner who thrives on information. This is somebody likely to use every section in our planner. Daily tasks will be written in religiously. The detailed user will set long- and short-term goals, take advantage of the habit tracker, and do a daily brain dump. It is all good.


A brain wired for details is no better or worse than the brain wired for minimalism. The beauty of using a daily planner is that there are no black-and-white rules. Everybody gets to do things in whatever way works best for them. That includes you.