When Was the Last Time You Did a Life Balance Assessment?

Something we hold in high regard around here at Next Level Daily is a good work-life balance. 

We understand from years and years of doing the daily grind, just how much your life can suffer when you work too much and play too little.

So when we created the Next Level Daily planner, we knew we wanted to have a Life Balance assessment so that we could continually check in on our life balance and re-assess as needed. 

The life-balance assessment in our planners covers things like body, mind, connection to others, personal growth, financial, your personal contributions to the world, and lifestyle. You get to score yourself on where you are at currently and compare that to where you would like to be. Then you can clearly see the areas where improvement is needed.

This is just a way you can do a routine check in with yourself. It’s powerful to have this information at hand every so often, so you know where you can make positive changes.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can help you reduce stress and prevent burnout. Chronic stress is one of the most common conditions that can lead to bigger health issues like hypertension, digestive issues, chronic aches and pains, and heart problems. Chronic stress is also linked to a higher risk of mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 

The world is changing. More and more companies are putting work-life balance at the forefront of their organization’s mission and culture. In a society that is constantly, “go, go, go,” it’s refreshing to see so many companies and individuals start to prioritize balance in their lives. And by creating a work environment that prioritizes work-life balance, employers can save money and maintain a healthier, more productive workforce.

And, life balance is about so much more than the hours you work. Are your relationships fulfilling and meaningful for you? Are your self care needs being met? Are you connected and contributing to others? Does your lifestyle feel good for where you are at in your life?

All of these are factors that contribute to this life balance assessment.

We recommend that everyone start with the life balance assessment when they first get their Next Level Daily Planner. Not only is it incredibly helpful to you as you move forward with planning out your days, but it makes you more aware of areas in your life that you need to work on.

You can get a PDF version of our Life-balance assessment here. Or, get it in the full PDF version of our planner. And for those who prefer a physical planner as their everyday sidekick, we recommend one of the 10 gorgeous colors of the original Next Level Daily planner!