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Today we have a guest blog post written for us by Dr. Lesley Cook, licensed clinical psychologist specializing in treating and supporting clients with ADHD, autism and learning disabilities. Why do ADHD’ers hate planners? The answer is….they don’t. They hate systems that “should” work but result in yet another perceived failure. This is a message I deliver on a weekly basis to clients and friends and social media followers. When a new adult client comes to see me after years of struggle, the first questions I ask are: If you had a planning system that worked for you what would it look like if money was not a factor? What would it feel like to use it? I routinely get the...

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Do you need a new routine?

Creating an established routine that you follow every day has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve your life. That’s why so many people love planners, right? We all crave "normal" and consistent - whatever normal means to us. 😉 Our Day Plan feature page is a great way to start and keep a new routine, so keep reading to learn more on how you can make this page work for you!We start and end our daily plans with universal morning and evening routines, and leave plenty of space for your own additions and preferences. Some items you might include in your morning and evening routines include: self care, daily medications, supplements, skin care, emails,...

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